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The parallel kinematic systems of the EXPT series are high-speed systems for precise positioning in a three-dimensional workspace.
A parallel kinematic drive concept offers extraordinarily high dynamics due to extremely low moving masses.
The system is driven by three fixed, powerful servo motors which are coupled via a pyramidal mechanical structure of linear axes and CFRP bars.
This design forms a closed mechanical chain with very high rigidity.
The superimposition of all motors allows the front unit to move in X, Y and Z directions, allowing any position in a cylindrical workspace to be approached.
For the parallel kinematic system, an electrical rotary module with pneumatic rotary through-feed designed for high dynamics is also available in order to be able to implement rotary applications.
An integrated energy supply concept ensures simple installation and secure cable management even with high dynamics. With different sizes for different payloads and workspaces, the gantry series is also extremely flexible.
Coordinated motor controllers and optional control systems with robot functionality round off the system.