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Stepper motors EMMS-ST

Festo stepper motors of the EMMS-ST series are usually operated as servo motors in ServoLite mode of operation. The option with a built-in encoder is used for this purpose. Festo motor controllers support regulated operation in this mode of operation. This allows the highest torques and rotation speeds to be achieved without step losses.

  • 2-phase hybrid technology
  • Conforms to IEC 60034 standard
  • wide range of applications in drive technology
  • low cost
  • low output range
  • good power density
  • Torque range (holding torque) from 0.1 Nm to 9.3 Nm
  • Preferred types mostly in stock worldwide
  • reliable, sturdy
  • Degree of protection: to IP54
  • optimized connection technology
  • optional built-in encoder (ServoLite / Closed Loop / regulated)
  • optional holding brake
  • optional planetary gear unit
  • optional pre-assembled cables
  • optional Festo motor controller