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Selection Guide

Series MS

The MS-LDM membrane air dryers are optimum end position dryers with high functional reliability for a pressure dew point reduction of 20 K.
They are characterized by their dew point reduction which is independent of the flow rate and their wear-free function. The purge air can be collected and discharged optionally via a ring and amounts to 15% of the total flow rate. Available in the two most common sizes MS4 and MS6.
They are suitable for use as individual devices as well as integrated into service units via the simple modular system of the MS series.
Also optionally configurable for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.

Series D, metal

The LDM membrane dryers of the D series work according to the same functional principle as the MS-LDM with the same reliability. The dew point reduction is between 17 and 20 K, depending on the selection.
The purge air amounts to 15–20% of the total flow rate, depending on the configuration. They are available in size D-MAXI and are suitable for use as individual devices as well as being installed in service units via the tie rod connection system of the D series.

Dryer individual devices

The PDAD series of adsorption dryers is used when a pressure dew point of below -20 °C to -70 °C is required. It is ideal for decentralized compressed air drying.
Adsorption dryers have two cartridges filled with drying agent. The moist compressed air flows alternately through each of the two cartridges, and the water accumulates on the surface of the drying agent. After a specified time, the air flow is switched to the other cartridge and part of the dried air (purge air) is used to regenerate the drying agent in the first cartridge.
The PDAD adsorption dryers are suitable for use as individual devices and can be installed in MS series service units using the simple modular system of the MS series.