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Solenoid valves VZWD

The VZWD is a directly controlled solenoid valve which is used to control liquids and gases. Due to the directly controlled valve principle it is possible to switch pressures up to 90 bar and vacuum at the same time. The valves are available in stainless steel and brass housing versions. The nominal widths are between DN1 and DN6 and can be selected depending on the required flow rate.

Solenoid valves VZWM

The VZWM is a servo-controlled solenoid valve which is used to control liquids and gases. The sealing seat is shut off by a special membrane, which in turn is controlled by the armature of the solenoid part. The valve is available in a wide range of nominal widths and it is possible to select between brass or stainless steel. To ensure the function of the valve, there must be a pressure difference between the inlet and the outlet.

Solenoid valves MN1H

The MN1H valve is a servo-controlled solenoid valve designed to control compressed air. The selected material is optimized for the flow medium compressed air. Due to the wide coverage of the temperature and the switchable pressure up to 10 bar, the valve is particularly suitable as a shut off valve for pneumatic systems. Six different sizes are available.

Solenoid valves VZWP

The VZWP is a servo-controlled solenoid valve which, unlike the standard versions, does not have a membrane but a piston. This makes it possible to operate the valve at a much higher pressure. This allows a maximum pressure of 40 bar at high flow rates to be switched without any problems. As with all servo-controlled valves, there must be a differential pressure between the inlet and outlet.

Solenoid valves VZWF

The force pilot operated solenoid valve VZWF is suitable for a wide range of media due to the wide selection of sealing materials. In contrast to servo-controlled valves, the force pilot operated design makes it possible to switch media without differential pressure and allows use in a vacuum. This guarantees universal usability of the valves. The VZWF series is available in different sizes with connections from 1/4" to 2" and housing versions made of brass and stainless steel.