Family-owned company Festo: Sustainable and value-led for three generations

Festo, the family-owned company

Sustainable and value-led for three generations

As a third-generation family-owned company, we are financially independent and socially committed. We therefore think and act sustainably – in generations, not business years. Our values provide guidance for how we shape our company together. They determine how we act and how we treat each other.

Innovation from tradition

Curiosity, courage and adaptability are not new concepts for Festo. They have always been part of our DNA. We want to lead so that we are equipped to handle the constantly changing requirements in our market.

Despite the many changes in our company's long history, one thing has always been constant: We are independent family-owned company and will remain so in the future.

Think sustainably, act responsibly

We are financially independent and are committed to sustainability, not the short-term maximization of profits. As markets change faster then ever before and cycles for new products and technologies become ever shorter, healthy, strategically planned growth remains a critical factor for our sustainable success.

We therefore think and act sustainably. This provides a firm sense of security not only to our employees, but also to our customers, partners and suppliers.

As a global company with firmly anchored roots, we act from a holistic perspective. We take responsibility for our actions globally and locally, and want to contribute to the quality of life and conservation of resources where we operate with new technologies, knowledge and education.

Our values: Basis of how we treat each other

Our values guide us in our day-to-day cooperation. We therefore involved all employees worldwide in their development. We at Festo want to recognize ourselves everywhere by the values practiced. They are the foundation on which we want to develop further in a fast and global world.

We are ambitious.

As a proudly independent family-owned company we shape our own destiny and are relentless in our pursuit of success. We have high expectations of ourselves and others and harness the passion and experience of our people to deliver top class performance.

We are determined.

As a driver and shaper of our market, we meet challenges with courage and determination. We make clear decisions and implement them thoroughly. When we make mistakes, we find out why and learn for the future.

We are visionary.

We are determined to develop intelligent and intuitive solutions. For this reason we look beyond our own horizons to learn the current and future challenges of our customers and markets and the actions of our competitors. Our structured cooperation over all disciplines leads to strengths and knowledge in invention and innovation.

We value each other.

Our diversity is a core strength that enriches Festo. To ensure trust we foster openness and mutual respect. We resolve conflicts quickly and cooperatively, we treat each other with respect and learn from each other's perspectives.

We are dependable.

We expect and believe in the personal responsibility of our employees and colleagues. Engagement and dependability are therefore key characteristics of the way we work. When we cannot keep to our commitments we communicate this early and seek alternative solutions.