Networks and committee work: Festo research partners

Networks and committee work

Festo research partners

Having a strong, trusting relationship with strategic partners is very important to Festo. Active networking and maintaining a dialog with partners from the world of business, the scientific community and politics makes it possible for us to quickly pick up on new ideas from global research projects.

By participating in targeted research collaborations and joint projects, Festo and its partners develop future-oriented technologies and make a decisive contribution to ensuring their position at the forefront of technology in the long term.

Dynamic developments in the various fields of technology open up new, future-oriented approaches. At the same time, complex technological questions require effective interaction amongst specialists from different fields and different organizations.

Festo pursues a research and innovation culture based on partnership. Together with our network partners, we’re exploring future perspectives and intelligent approaches, thereby contributing to Germany’s position as a technology center.

Our research networks

Plattform Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0 platform

Within the context of this platform, representatives from politics, associations and trade unions, as well as from business and the scientific community, mutually shape the digital, structural transformation in industry. Festo is involved in the platform’s steering committee and in workgroups.

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VDMA association for fluid engineering

Fluid engineering in the VDMA

The VDMA professional association for fluid engineering supports the interests of 200 German hydraulics, pneumatics and sealing technology manufacturers and thus represents over 85% of the German market. It’s also an important platform for the mutual exchange of information. Festo is on the management board of the professional association for fluid engineering and is also active in the fluid engineering research fund for precompetitive joint research.

Fluid engineering at the VDMA



innBW, the innovation alliance of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is an association of 12 nonprofit, business-related research institutes who work in important fields of future technology. They’re institutionally funded by the state government and make a considerable contribution to the transfer of technology. And thus the innovation alliance plays a key role in the research and technology policy of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Festo is an innovation partner, and is on the management boards of the involved institutes.

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microTEC Southwest

microTEC Southwest research network

The cross-sector technology cluster in southwestern Germany was honored in 2010 as a national cutting-edge cluster. In the field of microsystem technology, it’s one of the largest networks in Europe with over 360 partners. Festo is a network partner and is represented on the association’s management board.

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ManuFuture European technology platform

ManuFuture European technology platform

ManuFuture is an important industrial platform for exchanging information concerning all issues in the field of production and it’s used as an instrument of the EU innovation policy. The members – companies, associations, research institutes and universities – formulate strategic research agendas for European industry. Festo is represented in the International Support Group (preparation of strategies) and the High Level Group (decision-making body).

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EFFRA – European Factories of the Future Research Association

EFFRA is a leading industrial association which was founded by ManuFuture and pools private and public resources to support market-oriented projects in the European Union. Festo is represented on the management board and works on the Public Private Partnership Board together with the European commission on the formulation of new funding tenders.

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Open Innovation

Opening up the innovation process beyond company boundaries expands a company’s own technological perspectives. Festo makes use of research collaborations as well as joint projects with national and international funding to this end. By translating scientific findings into industrial applications, we succeed in creating pioneering innovations.

In addition to our technical expertise and skills in project management, we also have years of experience in putting together project consortiums and applying for project subsidies, as well as dealing with the associated administrative aspects.