Festo Regional Service Center Mason Ohio

Festo Regional Service Center

Festo opened the doors to the newly-built state-of-the-art assembly and distribution center located in Mason, OH. The three times higher warehouse capacity will enable Festo to reach growth targets beyond 2020. Located in a more centralized location will ensure shorter transportation times, faster fulfillment of market requirement and higher product availability.

Mason offers the best conditions for further opening up the American growth market. The strategy? To establish a streamlined product supply organization at the new Regional Service Center Mason, specifically for the NAFTA countries, with the support of logistics, production, purchasing and engineering as a strong backbone. Besides the United States, the NAFTA region also includes Canada and Mexico.

Constructed earlier this year, the new mason facility features a production area where built-to-order configurations can be customized for North America customers. Being closer to customers will help improve services while reducing delivery times.

Location Size:

Roughly 45 acres

Place additional extension capacity on the 45 acre property

Overall useful floor space:

Roughly 18,600 square meters


  • Roughly 9,000 square meters of logistics floor space: highly automated distribution center
  • Roughly 7,000 square meters of production floor space: SMS (cylinders), SAS (valves and air supply), quality, Customer Solutions
  • Roughly 2,600 square meters of other floor space: offices, communal areas, cafeteria, changing rooms, etc.

The excellent infrastructure provides numerous highway connections, several airports nearby and a DHL distribution center.


Facts about the Regional Service Center.

  • Able to pack over 1,000 items per hour with a storage capacity of 65,000 bins.
  • Our amount of small totes can fill the dimension of three football fields (1,080' Length x 160' Width)

The Regional Service Center in Mason also features cranes that accelerate faster than a Porsche.

  • Speed of the cranes: 20'/s or 13.67 miles/h (6 m/s or 22 Km/h)
  • Takes 2 m to have full speed
  • Acceleration of crane: 9.84'/s (3m/s)
  • Acceleration is higher than a Porsche 911 up to 20'/s


Festo is focus on integration into the community while creating over 150 jobs.

As a gift to the City of Mason's 200th birthday, the management team of the Regional Service Center partnered with city officials to create "Innovation Week". During the last week of October, Festo presented it unique R&D platform, the Bionic Learning Network, and the SmartBird and BionicOpter to middle and high school, as well as college and engineering students.