Compliance: we assume responsibility


We assume responsibility

As an internationally active, family-owned company with a long-standing tradition, the Festo group enjoys an excellent reputation amongst its business partners and employees, places importance on integrity and has high standards for ethically correct conduct which is in compliance with the law. We acknowledge our responsibility vis-a-vis our business partners and our internationally active employee.

The standard for our conduct

Compliance – adherence to applicable laws, specifications, standards and guidelines – serves as a basis for our business conduct.

In order to provide our employees and business partners with an impression of our understanding of the law and our own values, we’ve prepared a code of conduct which functions as a binding standard for the business conduct of all Festo employees.

Our Compliance Officer supports the implementation of the code of conduct all over the world and is the contact person for all questions our customers and employees might have within this context.

Our Compliance Circle

Our Compliance Circle


The Compliance Office issues information internally on a regular basis covering any news about compliance-relevant issues.


The code of conduct is applicable for member companies of the Festo group in all countries and is communicated via internal media.


By means of targeted training events held around the world by experienced employees indicating which types of business conduct are expected of you.


Employees from all over the world have the opportunity of requesting advice regarding interpretation of the code of conduct at any time from the Compliance Officer.


Queries received from employees help us to continuously improve our internal processes.

Your comments are important to us.

We want to live up to our own standards and continuously improve ourselves as a learning company. If you want to provide us with information concerning misconduct or any violation of our code of conduct, please contact our Compliance Officer.

As an alternative, you can get in touch with us securely and anonymously via our whistleblower portal.

Your compliance report

Why should I submit a compliance report?

Festo wants to be an attractive employer and reliable business partner for its employees and business partners. In the spirit of the learning company, we want to continuously improve our work sequences and our conduct. You can support us in this respect with your report.

Which reports are helpful?

Compliance reports regarding the violation of laws and internal rules are reviewed and corrections or improvements are implemented.

How does a compliance report work?

If you have the impression that our business conduct contradicts our code of conduct or is not in compliance with applicable law, please get in touch with the specified contact person. We appreciate your openness. However, you can submit an anonymized report if you prefer – e.g. by using an anonymous e-mail address or via our whistleblower portal. In this way, if we need to clarify any of the details, we can contact you directly with our questions via the anonymous e-mail address or the whistleblower portal.

Send your reports directly to: [email protected]

Or send them anonymously via: Our whistleblower portal

Conflict minerals

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries, raw materials are mined which are used to finance violent conflicts, and are thus known as “conflict minerals”. With this in mind, we make every effort not to purchase any materials from the Congo region.

Festo is nevertheless required to disclose the sources of its materials within the supply chain. We fulfil this obligation insofar as we are able by providing an up-to-date CMRT (Conflict Minerals Reporting Template). Please contact the Compliance Office with any questions regarding this matter: [email protected]