Software for industrial production: employee with tablet in production hall

Software for industrial production

Planning, design, implementation, and documentation, along with permanent data processing from the cloud or mobile sources: industrial production projects call for many complex work steps. And this in turn calls for integrated software solutions that offer lots of functions. Without them, projects take too long.

The uncharted territory of the digitalization landscape is shrinking constantly, even in industrial production. Many tasks of designers, production managers, maintenance personnel, and operators can be fully completed in tailored software solutions these days. We show you a few highlights from our digital products and services here. Find more in our App World.

Smartenance: digital maintenance management

Mobile, simple, efficient – Smartenance offers paperless digital maintenance management with centrally managed data in the cloud and fast updates. Smartenance keeps your maintenance team reliably up to date with the web application for production managers and the app for system operators.

For production managers: the web application

The web browser gives you an overview of all systems, employees, and tasks. Smartenance makes maintenance efficient: create and manage maintenance plans and analyze feedback on the status of your systems.

  • All systems including maintenance status at a glance
  • Creation of plans and allocation of tasks
  • Option of exporting data as detailed proof for audits

For system operators: the app

Use the app to access the latest plans and instruction manuals on a smartphone or tablet. Share your comments and images of the status of your systems with all colleagues instantly. Smartenance makes maintenance simple.

  • Current maintenance plans and allocated tasks always available
  • All instruction manuals digitally available with images, text, and PDFs
  • Quick documentation of the results using the comment function

Smartenance is now available in three packages – for maximum flexibility.

  • Smartenance Basic: digital maintenance management – paperless, transparent, and efficient
  • Smartenance Advanced: digital maintenance management and fault management for your machines
  • Smartenance Professional: digital maintenance management, fault management, and programming interface

Dashboards: condition monitoring in the cloud

Do you ask yourself how you can conveniently monitor the status of your systems or their power consumption? How do you create perfectly suitable configurations while increasing the efficiency of your systems? And quickly get appropriate evaluations including infographics? The preconfigured Festo Dashboards are the solution – this cloud service helps you with a wide variety of applications. So in the future you will be able to plan even more precisely.

Festo Dashboards and our CPX-IOT gateway allow you to detect irregularities early on and take the right measures before a failure occurs. Dashboards are preconfigured and ready to use; they do not require any additional programming. The data is available worldwide and improves operating transparency for production managers and operators.

With Dashboards, Festo offers the out-of-the-box solution for visualizing the status of components in the cloud. You have access “no matter where, no matter when.” Festo Dashboards are preconfigured views of a component that present values transmitted via the cloud in a visually appealing and clear way. This is about static device information, for instance the Product Key and dynamic information, such as live data, historical data, and many more details.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Preconfigured for each supported Festo device and available in the cloud
  • Easy monitoring of machines, production stations, and much more.
  • Process control by up to 99 authorized users
  • Rapid analyses and evaluations
  • Custom configuration and easy product key download
  • Process control

Projects: life cycle management platform for your components

Manage your automation projects and all the components used with Festo easily and centrally throughout the entire product life cycle! Projects provides you with a quick and clear overview of configuration-specific product data. Your assets are arranged clearly and intuitively according to the relationship between the control system, fieldbus, and components. You are always up-to-date even when products change or are updated. Projects also facilitates collaboration: simply invite other participants to collaborate on your project via e-mail.

The benefits of Projects for you

  • Digital filing: you receive paperless documentation of your projects.
  • Life-cycle management: gives you an overview of all the components installed in your system.
  • Collaboration platform: centralized project memory with file upload and sharing across departments and between components.
  • Saves time: reuse your specific engineering data for even faster configuration.
  • Industry 4.0: Projects is your step toward a digital twin.
  • Connected: Projects can be integrated in numerous engineering tools from Festo, like the Handling Guide Online.

FluidDraw: create and document circuit diagrams in one step

With FluidDraw you can quickly and easily create electrical and pneumatic circuit diagrams. FluidDraw makes it easier to plan complete systems, integrate individual components, and document the results in a standard-compliant way. You can access the Festo catalog and your own imported databases, and thus benefit from evaluation functions and ready-prepared assembly drawings. The software is part of the Festo engineering tools that provide users with a paperless and smooth approach for all phases, from planning to delivery and commissioning.

The functions and benefits at a glance

  • Pneumatic and electrical symbol libraries
  • Access to the Festo catalog and online basket as well as to your own product databases
  • Extensive character and dimension functions
  • Flexible licensing models: you can choose between the standard version and the subscription service (including all upgrades to higher versions and all updates within the current version)
  • Ready to use instantly without a hardware dongle

Schematic Solution: Eplan projects at the touch of a button

Where were the configuration solutions again? Which file contains the documents of the individual components? There are countless files accumulating on computers. To save you time and eliminate the need to search for information or go through the tedious, error-prone task of documentation, we developed Schematic Solution. This tool creates a project for you from the order code of an individually configured solution. And all without errors and as quick as a flash! Simply enter the order code in the search box and you’re done. No more tedious searching for, downloading, and piecing together individual components.

  • Intuitive, fast, and reliable error-free documentation at the push of a button
  • Complete: full mechatronic display of configured products like CPX, VTSA, and MPA
  • Reliable: automated generation in accordance with the IEC 61355/IEC 81346/ISO 1219 standards
  • Economical: gain time for value-adding activities