Dispensing systems: automated sample handling

Liquid handling with modular dispensing system

Reliability, precision and compact dimensions are key when handling liquids in laboratories. Festo offers all that. Our dispense head consists of a specially designed multi channel manifold, dosing valves and nozzles, and can be adapted perfectly to your specific requirements. Combining this with our handling system creates a ready-to-install complete solution which simplifies engineering and increases productivity.

Reliable outcomes, accurate results

Festo works in close cooperation with you to develop assays and lab processes into reliable instruments and diagnostics devices, saving development and validation time to bring you to market faster. Our products are well proven in medical/hospital environments, and Festo has the expertise to develop products to meet your specific needs.

What is stopping you from getting your ideas to market? Design? Manufacturing? FDA approval? Festo understands the challenges in front of you and has the extensive experience in medical technology to provide components and solutions that are cost-effective, safe, and ready-to-install.

We build on our extensive fluidic and mechatronic product foundation with an engineering design, development and manufacturing team that can turn ideas into reliable and robust products, getting you into the market faster.

Festo brings a broad range of design and development experience in lab automation to the diagnostic market.

Festo Technology Engineering Center

Festo opened the company’s Technology Engineering Center (TEC), just north of Boston. The TEC is the company’s first engineering enter in the United States devoted to the life sciences.

The choice of the United States for this engineering center was based on this country’s leadership in the global life sciences industry. Locating the researchers and developers in greater Boston was due to the proximity of the area’s research institutions such as MIT, Harvard, and Brown, the confluence of laboratory equipment manufacturers, and the pool of qualified technologists. It is here that most of the innovations and new technologies are created.

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High-precision dispensing and positioning

Single- or multi-channel dispense heads dispense different media with different pressures. During extraction, the vacuum and the position of the aspiration needles are precisely controlled.

VODA media separated air solenoid valves

  • Nominal widths (flanged connection): 0.4 ... 1.0 mm
  • Nominal widths (threaded connection): 2.0 ... 6.0 mm
  • Ideal for dispensing small fluid volumes
  • Optimal for switching cleaning fluids and rinsing processes, for example

Learn more about VODA air solenoid valves here (PDF)

Proportional pressure regulating valve terminal VEMA

  • 8-channel pressure regulator
  • Output range: -0.5 … +0.5 bar
  • with digital CAN bus interface

The right handling system paves the way for a complete functional unit

We develop ready-to-install complete solutions with dispensing systems and matching kinematics in line with your requirements – for dispensing and pipetting fluids, e.g. for dilutions, adding nutrient solutions and for dispensing reagents into microwell plates.

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