Preparing you for the Digital Transformation

Getting ready for digital transformation

Preparing you for a changing working environment

Digitalization and new technical opportunities are affecting many companies, in general, but in particular their employees. New competencies – either technical, organizational, or interpersonal – that were, until now, of less relevance are becoming increasingly important. We help you and your employees to be productive in a new, more complex working environment, and are well-prepared to serve as a companion for your digital transformation.

Core elements of digitalization and Industry 4.0

Core elements of digitalization and Industry 4.0

Digital transformation: Let our experience guide you

Digital transformation is the path you must follow to be prepared for Industry 4.0

We are the perfect partner to walk beside you and guide you down this path. We know your vulnerabilities and challenges because we have already experienced them first-hand in our own daily business, the planning and operation of our Scharnhausen Technology Plant, Germany. There, many facets of Industry 4.0 are already in use.

Our own application expertise and digital know-how are strongly incorporated into our training and consulting offers and will fully prepare you for the digital transformation.

Competency management for Digital Transformation

Competency development for digital transformation.

Digital transformation influences almost all related positions within a company, resulting in a shake-up of job requirements, both technologically and organizationally, as job tasks become more demanding.

Employees must adapt their skills and knowledge for more interdisciplinary competencies. As an entrepreneur and employer, you must build awareness of targeted competency development and provide continuing support through employee skills training. In addition to technical competencies, these skills include reasoning, analytical thinking, complex communication, and idea development.

Industry 4.0 Quick Check

Are you ready for
Industry 4.0?

Use our complimentary Industry 4.0 Quick Check to find out!

We identify an initial readiness, or "first maturity," level for you based on 15 questions and will provide you with action recommendations.

Interested in a more detailed and customized analysis of your company’s maturity level? Contact our consultants and book our Industry 4.0 Assessment!

Our Industry 4.0 Assessment is an ideal evaluation tool that determines the current degree of digitalization in your company. We will carry out a detailed analysis and work with you to define recommended action areas for your personalized digitalization strategy. This will result in added value towards both efficiency and quality. Optionally, we can supervise your supplemental activities and support you with a holistic training portfolio for your digital transformation.

Extract of our global training portfolio regarding Digital Transformation

Training portfolio Digital Transformation

Please also check your local course offer!

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