Training Solutions

Training solutions

Automation-related training in multiple formats

We meet your needs by providing target-oriented training and consulting solutions: simply "from industry–for industry." Practical learning is at the core of our didactical concept, be it in open seminars or holistic competency development programs. Our multiple formats ensure an optimal fit for your needs, and our job-specific learning approach and strong knowledge of industrial and educational trends are added benefits.

Sharing our expertise

We offer training and qualification programs in those subjects that are key facets in industry – technology, organization, and people. We see a company as holistic entity, so we believe that improved performance and sustainable development are only possible through the combination of all three facets. Whether you need a seminar on fundamentals or more advanced, task-based training courses – our solutions fit your industrial needs. Our expertise in industry and learning means that we can optimally support you in transferring knowledge into skills for daily use in industrial work environments.

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Public classes

Competency-development in public classes. Practical, hands-on focus with state-of-the art industrial components. An additional benefit is the professional exchange with participants from other organizations.

Choose this format if you want to train one or two employees on a specific topic!

Customized training

Customized training

On-site training at a location of your choice. Benefit from training content tailored to your individual needs, flexible duration, a choice of dates, and adaptation to your company's shift schedules.

Choose this format for training of (smaller) groups or specific teams.

Individual, job-specific training

Job-specific training

Individual, job-specific, competency development programs based on industry requirements. These programs enable participants to perform more effectively in their positions. They consist of a range of courses and – in the majority of cases – a project related to tasks in the participant's workplace.

Additionally, we can support you with multi-location projects: the same job-specific training for employees whose jobs are replicated across multiple locations.

Unencumbered learning

Unencumbered learning

Learn anytime, anywhere. Combine new ways of learning – digital, autonomous, virtual – that are complemented with practical, in-person learning.
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Consulting - optimizing your processes


Our consultants optimize value-added processes – always in conjunction with you, our customer – while we initiate, design, supervise, and evaluate the necessary changes. Our goal is for you to become independent, managing the improved processes on your own.

Actions speak louder than words...

…that’s why we believe in hands-on-training!

In-person training enhances learning results. Additionally, making mistakes while training is not failing – trial-and-error is the best learning experience possible! Only failing and correcting ensures real understanding of new topics and processes. It is just that simple – real learning success is achieved by real doing rather than just seeing or listening to theory.

Competency development for your company's digitalized future

Megatrends like digitalization, together with changeability and adaptability, are hot topics in all manufacturing industries. With our unrivaled application and digital know-how, we are your best consultants for business strategies and potential opportunities. We can show you how to be productive in a challenging environment.

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