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Festo for experienced professionals

You’re an experienced professional. A specialist in your field. You’re committed and focused, and have often demonstrated your flexibility, and your capacity for teamwork. Challenges drive you. The next step in your career: application for a position at Festo.

"I’ve been employed full time at Festo for over 15 years. It’s been an amazing journey. The diversity of technologies Festo offers has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience in the industrial automation space. In addition, there are always very interesting opportunities to introduce, roll out and manage customer projects involving new Festo innovations. The innovation, technology and Festo family culture makes me proud to be part of the Festo team."

- Nuzha Yakoob, Senior Product Manager Electric Automation

"During my 5 years with Festo, I have been involved in the development of the Process Automation Strategy for North and South America. First with the Region Americas Team and now with Cluster North America. Process Automation is an exciting, still relatively new Business Unit for Festo, that will help shape the face of Festo into the future. Developing our team of talented people and the ever expanding portfolio of new PA products has made my time at Festo very rewarding. Festo’s support for PA has helped us grow the Global PA business to over 110 million Euro in 2018, expanding Festo’s reach into Industrial Automation. Challenging but exciting times for sure and the best is yet to come!"

- Paul Bahlman, Director of Product Market Management for Process Automation