Festo: what makes us unique

Innovation necessitates freedom

What makes us a unique employer

More than 21,200 colleagues around the world are pursuing the same goal: maximize the productivity and competitiveness of our customers. We’re a driving force – and we assume responsibility for people and resources.

Intelligent automation isn’t just about movement - it’s movement with purpose. It’s not just about innovative products. It’s about products that come with expert advice and differentiated customer support. Our aim is to help our customers make their products faster, smarter and more precisely. That’s how they thrive instead of just survive. And when our customers win, we win.

We are Festo. And our purpose is to help people turn the power of intelligent automation into a catalyst for transformation.

Our employees are an integral part of our success story. And they’re writing their own success stories as well. Working at Festo makes it possible. Because innovation demands freedom. And security.

We provide you with a sense of security

An inventive spirit needs strong roots: because with a reassuring sense of security, your mind is free to find the best solution. That’s why we’ve always had a strong sense of responsibility down through the generations. As a financially independent family-owned company, we’ve been growing steadily for almost 100 years – valuable roots for a solid foundation. Nowadays – with the world moving a bit faster each day – esteem, team spirit and a close sense of trust are very dear to us. For us there can be no doubt: only inventive talents who feel at home are able to develop their full potential. That’s for sure.

We give you freedom

Inventive talent demands freedom. Only when ideas know no limits can they conquer the world. For continuous renewal, our goal of technological and market leadership, inquisitiveness and innovative strength. All around the world. And this is exactly why we’re a glocal player: We give our employees the freedom to act locally – around the globe. So that your mind will remain inquisitive, learn to make decisions for itself and allow inventiveness free rein.

Security and freedom: two strong pillars that make us a unique employer. For roughly 21,200 employees around the globe who set the world into motion with demanding automation technology. With room to maneuver for inventive talent. And the comfort that comes from having a secure and solid base. Welcome to our world of work: your solid base for lift-off.