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Innovation starts in your head – careers with us

Starting your career at Festo

The beginning of a career is an exciting time: the course is set, valuable experience is gained and your own ideas are transformed into reality. Regardless of whether you’ve just finished your studies or you’ve already gained initial job experience: we look forward to your pioneering spirit, your inquiring mind and your inquisitiveness.

"As a Project Coordinator within Operational Excellence, my role is to contribute to the successful completion of projects within Sales Operations that add value to Festo as a whole. I was attracted to Festo because they invest in their people in the same way they do with their products- with ample resources, attention, and time. Festo provided me with training in communication, leadership, and has supported me in working towards my Project Management Professional certification outside of work. As a result, I have noticed significant personal and professional growth since beginning with Festo in March 2018. Every challenge is an opportunity!"

- Alexis Cordella, Operational Excellence