Products from our core product range are identified with a blue star.

Core product range for automation

Festo offers quality, attractively priced products from our core product range that can reliably handle practically all the standard tasks called for by pneumatic and electric automation. And now they're even easier to acquire. The products from our core product range are available for you globally, in stock from 13 Service Centers, and can be delivered from the factory in 24 hours. Look out for the blue star!

Core product range for standard tasks

Approximately 80% of all automation tasks are covered with our comprehensive core products, which are:

  • Festo quality at an attractive price
  • Available worldwide
  • Normally ready for delivery within 24 hours from the Festo factory (full star)
  • Pre-assembled and normally ready for delivery around the world in three to five days from the Festo factory (outline star)
  • Large quantities shippable (also for volume business)

White Paper: Considerations for choosing pneumatic guided drives and slides

Pneumatic guided drives and slides are the work horses of industrial automation. They are a well-proven concept, adaptable to a growing range of applications where the particular benefits of adding guidance result in superior performance. They are a cost-effective choice as well, with many variants and configuration options to assure great reliability and longevity.

This whitepaper includes information on:

? How pneumatic guided drives and slides work

? Pneumatic or electric? Where pneumatic excels

? Guided drive or slide? Which to choose

? Customization possibilities: bearings, cushioning and more

? Models for special situations

? Sizing the drive or slide for your application

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White Paper: Piston spool valves and poppet valves-A technical comparison of available solenoid valves

The increasing demands placed on valve technology in recent years has led to a formidable extension of the range ofavailable technologies and valve types, models, and properties.

The most commonly used are poppet valves and piston spool valves. Nowadays, there is a much wider choice of valve technologies to successfully plan a project.

However, choosing the right parts for the application at hand requires comprehensive knowledge and an accurate appraisal by the consulting engineer or technician.This White Paper is intended to offer you a brief overview.

This whitepaper includes information on:

  • An introduction to valve technologies
  • Poppet valves, piston spool valves and the cartridge principle –what you need to know
  • Which valve type suits you best? A valve selection aid

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White paper
More productivity with optimally cushioned pneumatic cylinders

With the right end-position cushioning, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your entire pneumatic system.

When used to its full effect, it can improve cycle times and even reduce the size of the components used.

And all this for the simple reason that good end-position cushioning decreases the impact forces generated by changing loads and extreme dynamic stress – factors that play a crucial role in defining the travel time and speed of pneumatic cylinders.

This white paper has information on:

  • The benefits of end-position cushioning systems in pneumatic drives
  • The latest end-position cushioning technology for pneumatic cylinders
  • Different cushioning solutions – an overview
  • Advantages and disadvantages of cushioning technology – overview table

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Products and services above and beyond the core product range:

Along with our core product range, Festo offers these additional products and services:

? Total product range of thousands of products for more specific requirements

? Customized solutions for specific customer needs

? Service and training.

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