Learning Platforms

Learning platforms

The global trend towards networked learning and knowledge sharing fuels the dynamics of the education/innovation/economic development cycle, as well as the development of international technology and content standards in education. We’re actively driving this development by providing digital technologies, platforms, and online communities.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are used to manage and organize the learning process. All the necessary features are integrated into one platform. This makes it possible for you to concentrate on the essentials in the learning process: efficient and simple preparation and assignment of motivating, digital training units with real-time chronicling of participant learning progress. Students are individually supported, challenged, and encouraged. This helps ensure sustainable learning success as a result.

Our learning management systems fulfill the requirements of digital learning. They enable a seamless connection between the digital management of learning materials and real classroom interaction. While students work through the learning modules, instructors/trainers organize, plan learning structures, communicate, expand their learning materials, and track individual learning progress.


CP Community

Digital Learning CP Community

As part of the comprehensive learning environments, we connect the Cyber-Physical (CP) community to “training for Industry 4.0 – the Industrial Internet of Things.“ Learning environment customers and exchange information with other teachers and researchers on developments in the subject.

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The Festo Didactic InfoPortal supports you with technical information about our learning systems. This information includes details concerning function, layout, and commissioning of the learning systems.

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The T.EACH platform allows teachers and trainers to find the best content for their needs in many technology fields, such as: factory automation, Industry 4.0, electrical engineering, fluid power and more.

The content as well as the platform are available all around the world, in many languages.

Teachers and trainers can access and create content as well as analyze and monitor the student’s progress, manage groups, competencies and equipment inventory.

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