Curricula, Certification, and Managed Services

Curricula, certification, and managed services

Our Managed services offer companies and governments holistic solutions that help tackling skills shortages and skills gaps in technical and industrial fields. Among our services are the development of curricula, educational programs, and certification, training outsourcing for industrial companies as well as consulting and development of competence development programs. All services are complemented by our Festo Didactic portfolio: Design of learning environments and equipping of laboratories with turnkey learning systems, on-site trainings, training programs at Festo training centers as well as digital learning solutions.

Tackling Skills Shortages

To qualify the future workforce for employment opportunities and to enable the current labor generation to keep up with competencies required in future working environments, we design individual concepts and solutions corresponding to actual market situations and desired outcomes for communities and companies.

Market analysis

The development of educational programs begins with a market analysis to identify the capacity building demands of the local industry and determine the existing educational facilities and their direct competition.

Definition of vocations

Based on the analysis, skills and vocations are defined that need to be established with complete curricula and certification cycles, as well as vocations that require further training.

Curricula development

Curricula for vocations are developed according to the national qualification framework. They have modular structures and integrate dual elements of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises.


The certification of students is an important part of every qualification program to document skills in nationally and, ideally, internationally recognized, comparable forms. Festo establishes certification schemes in cooperation with national associations and can additionally integrate German certification in cooperation with German associations.

Design of learning environments

Based on the existing curricula of your educational facility and the conducted market analysis we provide corresponding ready-to-use learning environments according to the professional areas of activity or specific vocations that need to be established in your region.

Curricula, Certification and Learning environment

Reducing Skills Gaps

To ensure the success of production facilities and its long-term competitiveness based on a skilled workforce, it is vital for producers to establish long-term qualification solutions at their production locations. One way to achieve this is by collaborating with external training partners and educational institutions.

As a developer, we provide solutions to close the skills gaps – the mismatches between qualification of the available workforce and the changes in industrial demands. Our training needs and skills gap analysis identify the appropriate training program for each employment and skill group, and allow us to convert this analysis into identified and demand-driven qualification models. These not only help to solve educational challenges, but are a worthwhile investment into the company’s future! Based on our practice-oriented solutions, staff from all over the world can be trained to meet the same high standards, and by supporting employees with an investment in furthering their qualifications, you enhance job motivation and develop employees who are better prepared to perform their tasks efficiently.

Industrial consulting and design of learning environments

The designed upskilling process is smoothly integrated into the customer’s business and HR strategy. As an experienced partner for the development and equipping of training facilities, we support our customers from the very beginning in developing feasible and sustainable concepts. With our expertise in operating training facilities for Festo, and on behalf of customers worldwide, we share our insights on designing training facilities in the most efficient and practicable way.

Classrooms and workshops

Established classroom and workshop layouts are the basis for a modern and engaging learning environment as these designs follow very important methodical and group dynamic criteria. Our product portfolio offers a holistic approach to both our industrial customers and educational institutions, ranging from learning systems with technical components and learning factories for industrial automation to e-learning programs and software simulations. We cover factory, process, and building automation technologies, such as fluid power, electrical engineering and mechatronics, telecommunications, renewable energy, water treatment, refrigeration and HVAC, production and manufacturing, and maintenance and services.

Educational Concepts - Learning Center


Festo Learning Center Saar
Rohrbach, Germany

Festo Learning Center (FLC) Saar is located in Rohrbach, Germany, and has been a preferred partner for qualification solutions for local industries since 1994. Moreover, FLC Saar specializes in industry-wide vocational training programs, thus being a professional partner for smaller companies that, for a variety of reasons, cannot train their apprentices in-house. In these cases, FLC Saar offers vocational training which is run for apprentices from multiple companies in one class. FLC Saar also performs international projects, for example, the qualification of Indian teachers in vocational institutions. The development of individual and customized qualification programs for and with our customers results providing them with a competitive advantage. FLC’s business approach is centered on high flexibility, motivation and a positive attitude.

Festo Academy Italy, Industrial Management School
Milan, Italy

Festo Academy Italy offers training programs of different levels aimed at supporting companies and their personnel in the growth of business performance and the development of individual skills. The portfolio includes training programs for developing specific professional roles, seminars to acquire skills and practical experiences, a Masterclass offering higher education and specialization programs, and executive tours and business games.

Festo Training Center Jinan
Jinan, China

The Festo Training Center Jinan, located inside the Festo manufacturing base in Jinan, China, is the first full-scale training center Festo has established outside of Germany. The goals of the Training Center are to introduce in China the successful German dual education system. It offers an open course in mechatronics, which was initially for Festo employees.

Festo Didactic offers complete Managed Educational Services with individualized entry points for customers and markets. No matter if you request the complete range of services offered or select a special combination – our concept will be tailored to individual requirements with a direct impact on your operational results, entire market development and workforce. Please, fill in this contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.