Learning Systems

Learning systems

We offer state-of-the-art training equipment and teaching materials. Benefit from learning systems powered by Festo industrial technology, which are ideally suited for education and training in technical professions.

Our comprehensive training solutions range from individual learning systems, complete workstation systems, training packages, and training factories, to software, eLearning, and courseware. Designed for a wide range of technology fields, our solutions cover your specific training needs and help you convey complex subject matter in a clear and practical way.

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Factory Automation/I4.0/IIoT

Our modular learning systems for factory automation and Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things enable you to teach essential skills in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics, mechatronics, IT, and sensor technology.

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Factory automation and Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things

Fluid Power

Manage your training tasks with the help of our modern, comprehensive range of fluid power learning solutions.

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Fluid Power

Process Automation

As a key partner to the process industry, we have an impressive selection of process automation learning systems – from small models to complete industrial systems.

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Process Automation

Electricity and Electronics

Our Electricity and Electronics learning systems are perfect for hands-on, practical training in the principles of electricity and electronic circuits.

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Electricity and Electronics

Electric Power Technology

Our leading Electric Power Technology training program meets the increasing demands for training in this area.

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Electric Power Technology

Telecommunications and Radar Technology

Telecommunications and radar technologies both require three components: a transmitter, a transmission medium, and a receiver. Both technology areas also need trained professionals for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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Telecommunications and Radar Technology

Environmental/Renewable Energy Sources

Our environmental technology and renewable energy sources training systems provide the required theory and hands-on training for basic research in these areas. Practical, hands-on applications address location and environmental problems to introduce future water management specialists and wind and solar energy technicians to this subject matter.

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Environmental and Renewable Energy Sources

HVAC and Refrigeration

Our high-quality learning systems enable you to train future heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration technicians in a practical and targeted way.

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HVAC and Refrigeration

Industrial Trades Technologies

Despite increasing automation in factories, numerous industrial tasks must still be completed manually by competent personnel. Our practical training solutions support the development of the important skills and abilities required for installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair of industrial systems.

Discover our Industrial Trades Technologies learning solutions.

Industrial Trades Technologies


Our Integrative STEM training program is about making meaningful connections between the disciplines of math, technology, the natural sciences, and engineering, as well as supporting students in gaining interdisciplinary competencies, such as communication and collaboration skills.

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Integrative STEM

Learning Media

We provide a wide range of teaching materials in diverse technological fields – for sustainable and comprehensive education and training.

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Equipment for Learning Environments

From individual workstations to complete laboratory equipment for education and training in automation technology, we offer multifunctional, cost-effective solutions customized for your requirements.

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Equipment for Learning Environments