Electric machines and power circuits

Electric machines and power circuits

The Electric Machines and Power Circuits training systems provides in-depth coverage of a wide variety of topics, including AC and DC power circuits, electromechanical systems, and motors and generators, and is geared toward study at technical institutes, colleges, and universities.

Featured learning solutions:


Electromechanical Training System

  • Complete training system to prepare future electrical technicians and engineers working with power circuits and electrical machines
  • Combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control
  • Training is oriented toward today's competence requirements, including electricity fundamentals (i.e., DC power circuits), single-phase and three-phase AC power circuits, power transformers (single-phase and three-phase) DC machines, single-phase AC machines, asynchronous and synchronous motors and generators, and power factor correction
  • System features the Four-Quadrant Dynamometer/Power Supply and the Data Acquisition and Control Interface – specifically designed computer tools

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AC/DC Training System

  • Complete learning package with the most common electrical components and measuring instruments (voltmeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, etc.)
  • Covers all the fundamentals of AC and DC circuits in a self-contained package with complete curriculum
  • Enclosed in a rugged case fitted with sturdy wheels and a telescopic handle for easy transportation
  • Fault switches to improve troubleshooting skills
  • Great introduction for a wide variety of programs which require fundamental knowledge of DC and AC powerload the data sheet here.

2-kW Electromechanical Training Systems

  • Unique, modular program in electric power technology at a high-power level (2 kW)
  • Contains four training systems which deal with the different techniques associated with the generation and use of electrical energy
  • Simulates high-power machines, yet is very safe for experimentation
  • Incorporates heavy-duty components and machines that can be combined to create different configurations tailored to technical or university courses

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Equipment Set TP 1410: Servo Brake and Drive System

  • Motors and generators test platform for various applications, from standard loading to mechanical load simulations
  • Equipment set incorporates a complete, flexible and convenient load and drive system in a compact housing
  • Supporting curriculum to study different motors and generators
  • Clear distinction between the unit under test and the load
  • Practical quick-change system
  • Unit under test circuits are created using reliable and flexible A4 EduTrainer? modules
  • DriveLab software included – an intuitive software to quickly get you up to speed

Dissectible Machines Training System

  • Hands-on training in the construction and operation of rotating machines
  • Integration into any training program that includes industrial applications of electrical engineering
  • Simultaneous construction of two different machines allows demonstration of electrical and mechanical characteristics

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MagTran? Training System

  • Designed to teach magnetic circuit principles and the application of these principles to basic transformers
  • Suitable for a broad range of teaching programs – from vocational schools to universities
  • Courseware contains extensive
    set of laboratory experiments that illustrate basic principles of magnetism and electromagnetic induction
  • Operates at a power 0.2 kW using standard EMS instrumentation
  • Add-on is available to operate the MagTran? Training System in conjunction with the 0.2 kW Electromechanical Training Systems

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0.2 kW Electromechanical Training Systems

  • Comprehensive approach to teaching electric power technology through laboratory observations
  • Provides laboratory results that are easy to understand, with data values that are easily observed
  • Four subsystems cover the common electrical machines, and are available as a package that consists of the equipment necessary to perform the laboratory exercises
  • All measurements are done using conventional analog meters
  • Cut-away bell housings permit visual inspection of the internal construction, and observation of the machine during operation

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Motor Winding Kit

  • Teaches construction techniques for electrical machines
  • All parts included for assembly of a squirrel-cage induction motor, a wound-rotor induction motor, a three-phase synchronous machine, and a split-phase capacitor-start motor
  • Three types of rotors are included
  • Complete assembly kit that can be reused many times

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