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Motor controls and drives

Electric motors that drive industrial machines need to be started, stopped, protected, and controlled for speed in various ways, depending on the application and the motors used. Our motor controls and drives training systems provide unrivaled training in these technologies.

Featured learning solutions:


Industrial Controls Training Systems

  • Designed to teach the theory and techniques of electric motor controllers
  • Allows students to select and mount control devices to form typical control circuits, and to troubleshoot them once a fault is inserted
  • Four basic systems: Basic Controls, Programmable Logic Controller, Motor Drives, and Sensors
  • Modular systems offer unique controls training possibilities and include insertable faults

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Equipment set TP 1211: Basic principles of circuits with contacts

  • Designed to teach students industrial motor controls by creating the standard circuits to control different types of motors in different schemes
  • Extremely compact and flexible equipment, with industrial components, is easily expandable as well
  • Jumper plugs for connecting the boards improve clarity
  • Stable, angled, screw-in sockets for contactors, relays, and breakers

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Variable-Frequency Drive Training System

  • State-of-the-art training system specifically designed to introduce basic principles of variable-frequency drives (VFDs) based on an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 drive
  • Comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective solution to rapidly build knowledge in VFDs and three-phase induction motors
  • Designed for portability and powered using a standard single-phase AC outlet
  • Includes six built-in faults for troubleshooting, as well as a magnetic brake loading system

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SINAMICS G120 EduTrainer?

  • Next generation of the SINAMICS G120 frequency converter, optimized for training
  • Completely new housing and EMC-compliant for "out-of-the-box" use in laboratories
  • Well-suited as a beginner device, but comprehensive functions offer plenty of potential for advanced users who want to implement complex drive tasks
  • Various bus systems, advanced safety functions, and an optional encoder
  • All relevant ports are accessible on the front of the device and installed in 4 mm safety sockets or system connectors

Equipment set TP 1421: Servo Motor Drive Technology

  • Comprehensive introduction to modern servo drives
  • Supplied PC software facilitates project engineering
  • Rotary disk guarantees simple and reliable system handling
  • Integrated limit switches support simulation of an axis on a range of rotation of approx. 340°

Equipment set TP 1422: Stepper Motor Drive Technology

  • Equipment set components and supplied PC software provide a thorough introduction to stepper motor drive technology and application
  • Integrated simulation box allows the connection of the required inputs and displays the states of all important outputs
  • Convenient operation without any additional hardware
  • Analog and digital SysLink interfaces

Digital Servo Training System

  • Compact trainer provides comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of digital servo motion control
  • Features a single-axis belt-driven positioning system, a digital servo controller, and powerful software tools
  • Open-source firmware and software controls enable user-defined control strategies
  • Compatible with LABVIEW or MATLAB/SIMULINK

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