renewable energies

Renewable energies

The production of energy using renewable natural resources such as wind, sunlight, rain, tides, geothermal heat, etc., has gained much importance in recent years as it is an effective means of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The need for innovative technologies to make the grid smarter, engineers to design the systems, and technicians to service and maintain these technologies are in great demand.


Turnkey training solutions in renewable energy technologies

Festo Didactic offers a number of renewable energy training systems that can be used as stand-alone modules or as part of the larger Electric Power Technology Training Program, which provides a turnkey solution dealing with important aspects of the wide field of electrical energy.

Sturdy workstations, modules, and components ensure a prolonged service life in a demanding training laboratory environment.

We provide our customers with the ideal training program platform by allowing them to select the right modules and the right courseware to create the perfect learning path for their students.

Training solutions in renewable energies cover three areas of expertise:

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Basic Renewable Energy Training System

  • In-depth coverage of basic renewable energy systems, while also covering the prerequisites for this field using the same equipment
  • Teaches the principles of electricity generation from renewable energy sources (solar power and wind power), as well as its subsequent storage in lead-acid batteries
  • Realistic indoor experiment with flexible solar panel emulator and wind turbine emulator
  • Live parts of electrical connection leads are concealed and insulated allowing interconnection without electric shock hazard
  • System includes highly versatile USB peripheral, four-quadrant dynamometer/power supply

Download the data sheet here.


Home Energy Production Training System

Combines a modular design approach with computer-based data acquisition and control to provide unrivaled training in home energy production systems

  • Features the four-quadrant dynamometer/power supply and the computer-based data acquisition and control interface
  • Course explains how to produce AC power from DC power produced using renewable natural resources, while also covering the prerequisites, such as DC power electronics, single-phase AC power electronics, transformers and batteries
  • Introduces the single-phase grid-tied inverter and large-scale energy storage

Download the data sheet here.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell Training System

  • Ideal for teaching the basic engineering principles of fuel cell systems
  • Comprehensive coverage of structure and functioning principles, thermodynamics theory, different characteristics of a real 50W fuel cell system, and safety aspects

Download the data sheet here.