Communication electronics

Communication devices and systems heavily rely on electronics to allow efficient, successful transmission of information across various channels, such as cable, optical fiber, or free space. Future electronics technicians and engineers need a sound understanding of the fundamental physical principles underlying the design of communication devices and systems, before diving into more advanced topics like modulation, communications circuits, transmitters and receivers, digital communications techniques, transmission lines, and fiber optics.

FACET?: a completely integrated training system for electronics

Communications is one of the four areas of electronics covered by the FACET? training system. Sturdy circuit boards and associated courseware provide in-depth training in various communication technologies and subfields.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Analog communications
  • Digital communications
  • Fiber optic communications
  • Communication transmission Lines
  • QPSK/OQPSK/DPSK communications

Browse the dedicated section of our website to explore detailed descriptions and learning content for each board, as well as information about the FACET? hardware and courseware.