Digital electronics

Digital Electronics deals with digital signals for processing and controlling various systems and sub-systems. The technology is extensively used in computers and microprocessor-based systems found in all kinds of computerized devices and applications. An understanding of digital electronics provides the prerequisite background for diving into the study of microprocessors.

For an introduction to the world of digital signal processing:

Basic principles of digital technology

This equipment set provides the perfect introduction to the world of digital signal processing. Those who learn and understand digital technology can easily and quickly learn any automation programming language. Learning content encompasses logical operations, signal flow, and data formats. The curriculum also includes structured procedures for problem solving.

More about this equipment set

For an in-depth study of the basics using real circuit boards:

FACET?: a completely integrated training system for electronics

Digital electronics is one of the four areas encompassed by the FACET? training system. Sturdy circuit boards and associated courseware provide in-depth training in digital logic, microcontroller, 32-Bit microprocessor, and digital signal processor.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Digital Logic Fundamentals
  • Digital Circuit Fundamentals
  • 32-Bit Microprocessor
  • Digital Signal Processor
  • Microcontroller System Development
  • Microprocessor Application Board

Browse the dedicated section of our website to explore detailed descriptions and learning content for each board, as well as information about the FACET hardware and courseware.

Connected Learning for microcontroller programming

Learn how you can use the FACET? microcontroller board to control a typical, true-to-life simulation running on Tec2Screen?: the traffic light. See how a PICmicro can be used in a pedagogical environment to teach programming fundamentals with a stimulating application.