Mastering the basics of electricity and electronics is necessary in a wide range of study programs and professions. Since theory and concepts in this field can be abstract and intangible, safe, practical experimentation and proven courseware are the backbone of efficient and effective learning.

Featured learning solutions for introducing the basics to a wide range of learners:

The fundamentals of electrical engineering and electronics

With the equipment set Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering/Electronics, all basic tests of DC, AC and semiconductor technology can be performed, and basic electronic circuits can be examined. A variant of the equipment set additionally contains a measuring module. An add-on kit is available to expand the study to optoelectronics.

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The basics of electricity for metalworking occupations

A basic knowledge of AC and DC circuits is becoming increasingly important – even in mechanical professions – for understanding many functions and processes in complex systems: this is what the equipment set, Basic Principles of Electrical Engineering for Metalworking Occupations, is targeted to.

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An introduction to AC/DC electrical circuits in a suitcase

The AC/DC Training System provides a comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective solution for rapidly building student knowledge in electricity and electrical circuits through theory presentation and guided, hands-on lab exercises.

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For an in-depth study of the basics using real circuit boards:

FACET?: a completely integrated training system for electronics

Basic electronics and electricity is one of the four areas encompassed by the FACET? training system. Sturdy circuit boards and associated courseware provide in-depth training in DC and AC circuits, semi-conductors, transistors, and Op-Amp.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • DC fundamentals
  • DC network theorems
  • AC fundamentals
  • Semiconductor devices
  • Transistor amplifier circuits
  • Transistor power amplifiers
  • Transistor feedback circuits
  • Power supply regulation circuits
  • Operational amplifier fundamentals
  • Operational amplifier applications

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