Industrial electronics and electricity

Industrial electronics is a major and growing occupational field, as there is a myriad of electronics applications in industrial and manufacturing processes and equipment. We provide hands-on training solutions that particularly tackle control technology and power electronics, in order to train skilled technicians to be able to install, test, maintain, and repair all kinds of electrical and electronic systems.

For an introduction to control technology:

Basic principles of control technology

This equipment set provides an introduction to controllers and controlled systems. The basic terminology of control technology, the behavior of various controllers, and the structured analysis of requirements for controlled systems are particularly important here.

More about this equipment set

For an in-depth study using real circuit boards:

FACET?: a completely integrated training system for electronics

Industrial electronics is one of the four areas covered by the FACET training system. Sturdy circuit boards and associated courseware provide in-depth training in transducers, magnetism and electromagnetism, power control circuits, motors, generators, and controls.

Circuit boards are available for:

  • Transducer fundamentals
  • Magnetism/electromagnetism
  • Motors, generators, and controls
  • Power transistors and GTO
  • Thyristors
  • FET fundamentals
  • Thyristor and power control
  • Circuits

Browse the dedicated section of our website to explore detailed descriptions and learning content for each board, as well as information about the FACET? hardware and courseware.