Industrial Robotics

Industrial robotics

An important role for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

As a key component of automation, robotics paves the way for new technologies and opportunities – and also presents you with new challenges where training and operation are concerned. We’ve developed a holistic, comprehensive training concept, consisting of hardware, programming, and simulation software, as well as extensive training documentation.

Experience industrial robotics with our comprehensive learning concept.

MPS? robot station

MPS? stations with articulated-arm robots

Articulated-arm robots move, palletize, and assemble workpieces and modules in many industrial applications.

Our learning system gets you on board with the fundamentals of robotics.

Explore applications in the smallest of spaces with high flexibility and versatility.

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CIROS? Industrial Robotics

CIROS? – the simulation and programming environment

A comprehensive learning concept is important to us. To match the hardware, you get our simulation and programming environment Ciros?which allows you to program and simulate the stations them in a safe environment.

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Training documentation, “Handling with Industrial Robots”

Our project-based courseware covers all facets of the learning system.

Seven consecutive project tasks guide you through successful processing of comparable industrial scenarios through error-tolerant programming.

Additional information on the training document, “Handling with Industrial Robots”

Additional robotics learning systems:


Robot Systems – LabVolt Series

The robot system is a complete, cost-effective training program for programming and operation of industrial robots. Learning content and hands-on experience with the robot system enables learners to set up automated work cells.

Robot Systems – LabVolt Series


Teaching at its best – industrial robotics with the CP Factory, the universal training factory for Industry 4.0/the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

The CP Factory reflects the latest developments in networked production for Industry 4.0/IIoT, and offers a modular smart factory system for teaching and research purposes. The learning system covers different areas of manufacturing.

A modular system beyond compare

Our decades of experience in the creation of modular learning systems are reflected in many of the CP Factory details. All stations and application modules are equipped with the most current industrial technology. The educational concept and the equipment demonstrate our innovative spirit.

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Robots with eye contact – robot vision cell

A tour of leading trade shows in handling systems, or a quick look at the catalogs issued by the market leaders, shows that without a camera, a modern robot cell is worthless for future-oriented manufacturing.

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