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Learning systems Industry 4.0

Our cyber-physical learning and research platforms, CP Lab and CP Factory, provide fundamental and in-depth knowledge of fully-automated digital production technologies, as well as the layout and programming of digital equipment networks. The individual modules of these platforms model the workstations of actual production systems. This creates a strong foundation for learning the many technology areas associated with the operation and continuous optimization of networked systems.

Our training content covers the following subjects:

Training content for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)
Learning systems for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things

Future-oriented industrial controls

Industrial control technology, PLC, HMI

Working with modern control systems is the foundation for handling future Industry 4.0/IIoT concepts:

  • PLC, industrial PC
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Drive controller

Embedded controller, IoT, Plug & Produce

Learn the most up-to-date IoT paradigms and components with integrated intelligence:

  • Decentralized control
  • Self-configuration
  • Data collection and preprocessing

Identification and object-related data

The identification and management of workpieces, materials, and data, via digital communication technologies and sensors, form the basis of fully-automated production. Storage of data directly on the product demonstrates the close interaction between individual parts and order data:

  • Communication via bus technologies
  • Binary pallet identification
  • Identification via RFID and QR codes
  • Material flow: monitoring via RFID and NFC
  • Collection of information via intelligent sensors
  • Manufacturing and tracking with lot size 1

Data communication and security

Open communication standards

Industrial communication is based on open standards

  • OPC UA

ICT, cloud, and ICS cyber security

Reliable, safe data communication

  • Highly available network rings
  • Network isolation via VLANs
  • Firewalls, encrypted VPN connections
  • Securing (cloud) services

ERP, MES, analytics, and KPIs

In a modern, networked factory, machines and workpieces communicate with each other, and with ERP and MES IT systems, both inside and outside the factory, up to the cloud level. Festo’s MES training for the MES4 smart factory can be used to teach development, control, and visualization of work orders, as well as to select relevant production data to increase productivity:

  • KPI calculation
  • Data analysis
  • Production planning

For SAP users, the learning factory can be customized to SAP ME. We can implement additional MES and ERP links upon request.

Modern manufacturing concepts

Factory planning and simulation

3D factory simulation for modeling, visualization, and analysis of manufacturing systems and robot cells

  • Layout planning for new systems
  • Optimization of existing systems
  • Digital twin for Industry 4.0/IIoT

Future-oriented robot concepts

Collaborative, cooperative, and autonomous robots are taking over a steadily increasing number of automation tasks, placing new demands on the skills of machine operators and production workers.

  • Teaching positions in
  • Working in shared space with robots
  • Collaboration with robots

Flexible, additive production concepts

CNC machines and flexible manufacturing systems are fundamentals for the implementation of customized products up to batch size 1. The CP factory integrates appropriate technologies for education and training in industry-relevant projects and scenarios.

  • 3D printing process
  • Automation and robotization

Data-driven manufacturing optimization

Energy/resource-efficient manufacturing

Systematic detection and control of operating conditions and energy consumption:

  • Industrial electricity and compressed air measurement
  • Web-based energy monitoring and management
  • Efficiency, cost, and environmental considerations

From monitoring to smart maintenance

Management of maintenance and service contracts

  • Error messages and assisted order processing with mobile devices
  • Parts management

New generation HMI – AR, smart glasses

Intuitive and readily available data visualization for human-machine interaction

  • AR for smart phones and tablets
  • Efficient use of wearables
  • Open format for user expansion

Helpful platforms and communities

CP Community


Integrate our courseware for applications included in the cyber-physical systems. The "Cyber-Physical Community" is part of the comprehensive learning environment for “Qualification for Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things.” Our customers can use this platform to download documentation and teaching materials, and exchange ideas with other teachers and researchers.

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The Festo Didactic InfoPortal supports you with technical information about our learning systems. This information includes details concerning function, layout, and commissioning of the learning systems.

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In the future, the “T.EACH” knowledge and exchange platform will provide free training materials for all technology fields, such as electrical engineering, robotics, and automation, in different languages all over the world.

Teachers and trainers can download course materials, exchange ideas with other teachers, and upload their own materials to sell via a digital currency.

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What is MES4?

MES4 automation software is a specially prepared manufacturing execution system (MES) with a new design for Industry 4.0/IIoT learning platforms. We continually develop MES4 in cooperation and collaboration with our customers, always taking into account the rapid changes in the field of industrial data processing and production control, within the context of Industry 4.0/Industrial Internet of Things.

Scope of delivery

  • MES4 software, preinstalled on a PC and ready for use
  • Dongle
  • PC with TFT monitor

Training content

  • Define and edit jobflows and process plans
  • Read orders and update status
  • Sort order items
  • Write goods carrier allocations to the order
  • Create a material master, including workpiece graphics
  • Add machines, including costs and energy consumption
  • Add warehouse data and material buffers
  • Add and manage customer data
  • Use icons to define system layouts
  • Automatic routing by work plan and machine capabilities
  • Generate OEE, PLC, and malfunction reports, including graphics

Reference projects

CP Factory and CP Lab reference projects

There is an enormous international need for orientation on which methods and technologies in production, as well as in product and service development, can generate new added value for customers and companies. The CP Factory is used in vocational schools, or worldwide in technical training and education centers, but also in companies for education and training in the Industry 4.0 and IIoT, training specialists for industrial regions in accordance with local requirements.

Reference projects in Germany

Technische Schule Aalen

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HS Albstadt Sigmaringen

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Karl Arnold School Biberach

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Carl Benz School Gaggenau

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Carl Benz School Karlsruhe

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Reference projects in Scandinavia

Aalborg University, Denmark

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Sein?joki University

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Lulea University of Technology, Sweden

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Reference projects in Switzerland

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Reference projects in France

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