Hydraulics training packages

Modular and flexible – expand as needed

For example, you can start with the Fundamentals of Electrohydraulics and expand it with the advanced level, or you can go from the Fundamentals of Hydraulics to Mobile Hydraulics – the choice is yours! Our training packages are modular. Want to train on a specific group of topics? No problem! Order all equipment set components individually to implement your own ideas.

Overview and structure of our hydraulics training packages


Hydraulics Training Packages:

Hydraulics, Basic Level, TP 501

Basic Hydraulics Training

A solid foundation for practice-oriented education and training. Training package TP?501 contains only hydraulic controllers.

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Hydraulics, Advanced Level, TP?502

Hydraulics for Advanced Users

Training package TP?502 builds on the material covered in Basic Package TP?501 and expands on it with 15 additional projects.

The components and necessary accessories from equipment set TP?501 are required to complete the projects.

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Troubleshooting in Hydraulics, TP 501+

Advanced equipment set TP?501+ covering systematic troubleshooting in the field of hydraulics is offered as an expansion to equipment set TP?501. TP?501+ includes components with predefined, realistic faults. Set up hydraulic circuits with TP?501 and replace individual components with defective ones.

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Electrohydraulics, Basic Level, TP 601

Basic Electrohydraulics Training

This TP covers the physical principles of electrical engineering and electrohydraulics, as well as the functions and use of electrohydraulic and control technology components.

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Electrohydraulics, Advanced Level, TP602

Electrohydraulics for Advanced Users

This training package builds directly on the training content covered in basic package TP?601 and adds more in-depth projects to it.

The components and the necessary accessories from equipment set TP?601 are required in order to complete the projects.

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Measuring/Control in Hydraulics, TP610

Measurement and closed-loop control with FluidLab?-H

Fit for the future?
This equipment set expands the training content of TP 501 and TP 601 to include the topic of hydraulics measurements and closed-loop control.

TP?501 and TP?601 are required in order to complete the exercises.

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Closed-Loop Hydraulics, Basic, TP?511

Basic Closed-Loop Hydraulics Training

Hydraulic closed-loop control circuits are normally operated with continuous-action valves. A control valve with integrated electronics, linear characteristic curve (volumetric flow rate relative to actuating piston position) and zero overlap makes commissioning easy and provides good results in the closed-loop control circuit.

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Proportional Hydraulics, Basic, TP?701

Basic Proportional Hydraulics Training

Proportional valves are continuous-action valves which, thanks to the use of proportional solenoids, not only permit simple switching positions, but also allow for infinitely-variable valve opening adjustment.

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Proportional Hydraulics Advanced, TP 702

Challenging training in proportional hydraulics

Training package TP?702 builds directly on the training content covered in basic package TP?701 and expands it with nine in-depth practical problems.

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Mobile Hydraulics, Basic Level, TP 801

Mobile Hydraulics – Working Hydraulics 1, Basic Level, TP?801

Mobile hydraulics has a range of specialized features compared to conventional industrial hydraulics. Therefore, mobile hydraulics training content is usually explained and demonstrated directly on the vehicle. But what if the vehicle or the hydraulic components being taught aren’t accessible, or the entire system is too complex for training purposes?
Our mobile hydraulics learning system solves these problems, closing the gap between hydraulics fundamentals and complete hydraulic systems in motor vehicles.

To TP?801, Working Hydraulics 1, Basic Level

Mobile Hydraulics, Advanced, TP?802

Mobile Hydraulics – Hydrostatic Steering System, Advanced Level, TP?802

Mobile Hydraulics follows the blueprint of all our training packages: all components are designed to be used as parts of a single, compatible system. This means that many elements included with the basic level can also be used for experiments in the advanced levels. Components and accessories from the TP?801 equipment set are required to carry out the projects.

To TP?802, Hydrostatic Steering System

Mobile Hydraulics, Advanced, TP?803

Mobile Hydraulics – Working Hydraulics 2, Advanced Level, TP?803

The advanced level focuses on the load-sensing system with variable displacement pump, control block, pilot control, and up to two loads.

Components and accessories from the TP?801 and TP?802 equipment sets are required in order to complete the projects.

To TP?803, Working Hydraulics 2, Advanced Level

Measurement, Advanced Level, TP 810

Measurement, visualization, and analysis with our FluidLab?-M diagnostics system.

To TP?810

Hydraulics supplementary equipment sets:

Hydraulics TP?501 to Electrohydraulics

Supplementary set to upgrade from TP?501, Basic Level Hydraulics, to TP?601, Basic Level Electrohydraulics

Supplementary equipment sets are a cost-effective way to expand basic level training packages to include the scope of an additional basic level.

To supplementary equipment set for expansion from TP?501 to TP?601

Hydraulics TP?502 to Electrohydraulics

Supplementary sets TP?501/502 to TP?601

Supplementary equipment sets are a cost-effective way to expand basic level training packages to include the scope of an additional basic level.

To supplementary equipment set for expansion from TP?501 and 502 to TP?601

Hydraulics to Mobile Hydraulics, TP?801

Supplementary set, from TP?501 Hydraulics Basic Level to TP?801 Mobile Hydraulics, Working Hydraulics 1

Supplementary equipment sets are a cost-effective way to expand basic level training packages to include the scope of an additional basic level.

To supplementary equipment set for expansion from TP?501 to TP?801

Control with LOGO! 8

Supplementary equipment set, Control with LOGO! 8 TP EduTrainer? Compact TP

The quick, uncomplicated, and cost-effective introduction to logical signal processing. This package includes everything required for controlling training packages 201 and 601.

Control with LOGO! 8

Control with FluidSIM?/EasyPort USB

Supplementary equipment set for control with FluidSIM?/EasyPort USB

With this package you can use FluidSIM? software to control the training packages. FluidSIM? controls via EasyPort USB and processes the inputs and outputs connected to the universal connection unit according to their programming, for example using the digital module included in FluidSIM? .
The supplementary equipment set covering control with FluidSIM? includes everything you need to control training packages TP?201 and TP?601. FluidSIM? Pneumatics for TP?201, or FluidSIM? Hydraulics for TP?601, is a prerequisite.

Control with FluidSIM?/EasyPort USB

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