Training concept for pneumatics and hydraulics

Educational and training institutions face the challenge of training people for the in-demand needs of local businesses that want well-trained, responsible, and highly-skilled employees. Our learning solutions are custom tailored for precisely this purpose.

The educational concept for full competence

Five steps to sustainable learning success


1. Learn

  • Read through the problem in the workbook
  • Understand the assignment
  • Acquire missing knowledge

2. Plan

  • Designing a circuit with FluidSIM?
  • Generation of a circuit diagram with bill of materials

3. Implement

4. Verify

  • Comparison of target and actual status, as well as targeted troubleshooting, for example with measuring technology components

5. Evaluate and document

  • Evaluation of the results, optimization, and professional documentation with the worksheets included in the workbook and FluidSIM? CAD drawings

The benefits of our modular learning system:

Flexibility: You create your own learning environment – according to your own educational, organizational, and ergonomic requirements.

Efficiency: You save time – thanks to a comprehensive learning system consisting of hardware, software, and courseware

Individuality: Need training on a specific topic? Order additional components for your own tasks or project ideas.


Online dictionary and symbols


Our free online dictionary for automation technology


You can view the symbols for our products here. The symbols are laid out in accordance with ISO 1219, Part 1 and EN 60617, Parts 2 to 13.




The Festo Didactic InfoPortal supports you with technical information about our learning systems. This information includes details about the function, set-up, and commissioning of the learning systems.

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In the future, the “T.EACH” knowledge and exchange platform will provide free training materials for all technology fields, such as electrical engineering, robotics, and automation, in different languages all over the world.

Teachers and trainers can download course materials, exchange ideas with other teachers, and upload their own materials to sell via a digital currency.

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