HVAC-R fundamentals

A solid, versatile introduction to the basics

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and applications are so ubiquitous that increased knowledge of the field is increasingly important for a wide range of workers. While students enrolled in programs directly related to this field are primarily affected, many technicians and professionals in other areas of engineering, building management, and construction, to name just a few, must also master the basic concepts.

Featured learning solutions, supported by turnkey, practice-oriented training activities:


Refrigeration System Demonstrator

This integrated training system allows for instructor demonstration and hands-on student experimentation in the fundamental principles and components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps. It shows the refrigerant stages within the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations.


Compact Refrigeration Training System

This system, designed to teach the fundamentals of refrigeration, features a powerful data acquisition system whose tools enable students to easily monitor operating conditions for key information in real-time, simplifying troubleshooting and performance analysis.


Electricity Fundamentals Training System

This learning solution introduces students to the fundamentals of electricity, as well as to the electrical components used in HVAC-R systems. They learn to connect circuits, measure electrical parameters, perform calculations, and troubleshoot.