Medium and low-temperature refrigeration

Learning to keep things cool

The accelerating demand for refrigeration applications in a wide range of sectors increases the need for skilled technicians with a thorough understanding of the various systems and controls. Add changing environmental conditions to the mix, and it's easy to see that refrigeration trade workers have plenty of work ahead of them.

Learning platforms supporting a progressive training path

To provide comprehensive coverage of the refrigeration topics, we designed a series of modular solutions – from demonstrators to complete systems – that provide entry-level job skill training for a variety of individual curricular requirements.

The learning solutions are ideal for a wide range of institutions, such as technical and community colleges, industrial companies, and government training schools.

All systems are fully operational and use residential, industrial, or commercial parts. Comprehensive courseware provides a careful balance of both theoretical material and hands-on experience.

First things first: a demonstrator that allows teachers to introduce the basics.


Refrigeration System Demonstrator

This integrated training system allows for instructor demonstration and hands-on student experimentation in the fundamental principles and components of typical refrigeration systems and heat pumps.

It is designed to clearly show the different refrigerant stages within the cycles of the most common refrigeration system configurations.

Next, students can progress to hands-on learning on two training systems:


Compact Refrigeration Training System

This learning solution is designed to teach the fundamentals of refrigeration. It features a powerful data acquisition system whose tools enable students to easily monitor operating conditions in real-time to provide key information, simplifying troubleshooting and performance analysis.


Refrigeration Training System

This larger system introduces students to the principles and components of a refrigeration system. It demonstrates the operation of the most common system configurations, including dual evaporator systems.

Finally, students sharpen their manual skills:


Students can sharpen practical skills, building common refrigeration applications and a special project workstation to complete their training.