Qualifying machinery-moving experts

Machines that need to be moved in industrial settings are all different, since they are usually built for special applications. Riggers are experts at lifting and moving large, heavy, and often unbalanced loads safely and efficiently around obstacles – a basic task in plants and other industrial environments.

Hands-on, task-based activities

As part of a rigging course, training, or certification program, learners rely on widely-used rigging techniques and tools to rig a wide variety objects of different shapes and weights, while complying with safety practices to protect people and rigged equipment. This is where our training systems come into play.

Featured learning solutions:


Rigging Training Systems

  • Coverage of the fundamentals of rigging practices to help students learn techniques and develop skills they will need on the job.
  • Fixed or adjustable-height gantry cranes, a popular lifting and moving device in industrial environments, designed to conform to OSHA and CMAA standards